About Mosey About

Hello, and thank you for checking out my travel blog, “Mosey About”.

I’m writing this in April 2013. But it all started in July of 2010, that’s nearly 3 years ago. At that time I was working at a chemical plant that will remain nameless in New Jersey. A variety of elements in my life came together in a way that convinced me to take a career break.

At the time, about three years before writing this page, I figured I’d simply drop-out and planned to just mosey about country from anywhere between a year to 18 months. Well, it’s been more like two years and nine months, and I’m note entirely sure when the moseying about will end.

This is the second start for this blog. The initial launch was in August or September of 2010, I’m not really sure when, and it doesn’t really matter, does it?

The idea is make “Mosey About” a travelogue with my personal observations and opinions that are intended for entertainment, as well as a decent resource for others who are interested in going to the places I have been. And of course I encourage you to write with your questions, opinions, and views, either privately through the site’s contact form or in the comments section of the posts.

Since I have more than two and half years of travels behind me I will be writing about both my current activities and my past experiences. Thanks to the magic of the time control feature of WordPress I can post about the past in a chronological order. So when I write about things that happened in, say, October of 2010, they will post chronologically before what happens this month. Over time there will be many posts, current and past. So, when there is a post from the past uploaded I will also write a blurb for the present linking to the past. Did you follow that?

For example:

In July 2010 when I began this adventure I packed my belongings up and moved them from Delaware to my daughters place in Florida. I have things to say about that and I will eventually post something dated in July 2010. So if I were to post that now (April 2013) it would display in the blog as if it was posted at the time it happened. So, I would also post a short blurb on the current date with a link to the story about the move. Savvy?

Blogging lessons learned

The first blog launch ended catastrophically due to a compromised database that WordPress used to manage everything. It compromised via an exploit of one of the less credible plug-ins I was using. I was using a few sketchy plug-ins, so I can’t actually point a finger – or I would. Then soon after that the servers crashed and my data was completely lost. The loss of data was more my fault than the hosting companies, I failed to keep a backup of my own, but no sense in going into that.

The lesson learned: only use plug-ins with a long history and many positive comments and backup frequently.